The Glass Room features a collection of artworks, objects, projects and experiences. Visit The Glass Room to explore the full collection, and join one of our free workshops, tours and events for an enlightening, hands-on session. Meet some of the artists and speakers who will be at The Glass Door.

Forgot your password?

No problem. Look it up in our password books. A data leak at a major online company allowed us (and anyone else) to collect 4.7 million passwords in an instant. They’re now available in a series of eight books for your convenience.

How free is your fitness?

Does your insurance company or employer offer special incentives to wear a fitness tracker? Maybe you’ve found that your lifestyle prevents you from cashing in on rewards. Consider the UnFitBit, an alternative activity tracker. We’ll show you how to free your fitness from yourself.

Credit: Unfit Bits, Tega Brain and Surya Mattu, 2016
Credit: Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, 2011

Give the news a tweek

Do your friends and colleagues complain that media coverage is too boring/depressing/celebrity-laden/happy? With the Newstweek, you can be a master of digital headlines. Have fun manipulating facts and public opinions wherever you find an open wireless hotspot.

Where everybody knows your face

With Churchix software, there will be no more skipping services. Church leaders are now making the most of facial recognition technology and checking to see if sure you’re showing up regularly. Future enhancements may include a “saint or sinner” filter.

Credit: Face-Six Face Recognition Software

The Data Detox Bar

Feeling over-tracked and under-prepared to fix it? Pull up a stool at the Data Detox Bar for a pleasant reprieve. Chat with a friendly inGenious expert about your devices and your data. We’ll help you put together your very own Data Detox kit to take home.